PRO-OXY 5:20

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PRO-OXY 5:20 is a PAA-based sanitizer/disinfectant developed for institutional/industrial sanitizer and disinfectant for previously cleaned hard, non-porous food contact surfaces such as dairies, wineries, breweries, food and beverage plants, poultry and egg facilities, meat and poultry processing and animal housing. PRO-OXY 5:20 sanitizer delivers antimicrobial activities on yeast, molds and bacteria.

PRO-OXY 5:20 is an organic compound and is an ideal antimicrobial agent due to its high oxidizing potential. It is effective against broad range of microorganisms. In addition, PRO-OXY 5:20 breaks down in food to safe and environmentally friendly residues, and therefore can be used as non-rinse applications.


  • Broad spectrum oxidizing biocide
  • No halogenated by-products
  • Compatible with common organic scale and corrosion inhibitors
  • Optimum performance below pH 8.6, but effective up to pH 9.5
  • Safe for discharge to land or for surface irrigation
  • Biodegradable and organic
  • Multiple analysis/monitoring options available
  • Second only to ozone in oxidizing strength