RA100 Rinse Aid for Auto Dishwasher

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RA100 is a drying and neutralizing agent which is added to the final rinse water cycle of automatic dishwasher. RA100 significantly reduces drying time, and also improve the appearance of dinnerware by eliminating water spotting.

RA100 practically eliminates the need of manual toweling of articles, thus improving the appearance of the finished dinnerware and eliminating the possibility of cross contamination and spreading of pathogenic organism due to substandard manual toweling.

RA100 works effectively at temperature range of 60OC – 90OC. When mixed with hot water, it rapidly lowers the surface tension of the rinse water and prevents the water from forming droplets on the surface.


  • Safe on all metals and surfaces.
  • Leave no residues on surfaces.
  • Certified Halal