ADW100 Non-Foaming Alkaline Cleaner

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ADW100 is a heavy-duty non-foaming alkaline cleaner formulated with alkali, chelating agent and dispersant. It is designed for used in CIP systems, pressure washers, automatic washing equipment such as bottle washer, dish washer and soak tank.
ADW100 produces little to no foam and works effectively on dirt, soil and oily stains. It is ideal for use on food and nonfood contact surfaces. Recommended for use in food and beverage processing plants, bakeries, breweries, meat and poultry plants. ADW100 is hard water tolerant and free rinsing, leaving no residue on equipment. It rapidly removes ink, oil, fat, organic deposits and other tenacious soils. Certified halal.


  • Versatile use in meat and poultry plants, bakeries, beverage and bottles water, and other food processing industries.
  • Non foaming.
  • Free rinsing.
  • Leave no residues on surfaces.
  • Certified Halal.