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MAGNUS NB is a concentrated, fast acting, non-solvent, powerful detergent cleaner formulated to rapidly penetrates, suspends, and removes oil, grease, ink, protein soils, starch on hard surfaces. It contains a blend of surfactants and alkaline builders capable of removing stubborn soil deposits. MAGNUS NB has outstanding rinse-ability and leaves no film on equipment or surfaces. Recommended for use in bakeries, food processing industries, meat and poultry plants and commercial kitchens.


  • Rapidly penetrates, suspends, and removes grease and oil.
  • Removes protein soils, starch, and ink.
  • Free rinsing.
  • Moderate foam.
  • May be used in hot water for improved effectiveness.
  • Approved under US FDA regulations as degreaser for food contact surfaces. Potable water rinse required.
  • Leaves no film on cleaned area.
  • Environmentally and Ecologically sound – Easy disposal