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MAGNUS CHLOR NF is a heavyduty alkaline chlorinated non foaming cleaner and sanitizer specially formulated for circulation, spray and soak cleaning jobs in food and beverage and dairy processing industries. The non-foaming formulation provides maximum CIP efficiency.

MAGNUS CHLOR NF chlorinated formula works effectively on wide range of food soils, animal and vegetable fats, protein and blood. It is ideal for use on all surfaces including food and non-food contact surfaces. It has outstanding rinse-ability and leaves no film on equipment or surfaces.


  • Rapidly penetrates, suspends, and removes oil, fats and proteins.
  • Combines cleaning and sanitizing functions in a single product.
  • Non foaming. Ideal for CIP method.
  • Leaves no film on cleaned area.
  • Environmentally and Ecologically sound – Easy disposal.