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L20 is a general purpose cleaner formulated to use on all surfaces not harmed by water. L20 is easy to use and has an outstanding cleaning ability; it easily breaks down on dirt, vegetable oils, fingerprint and other soils. L20 has a wide variety of applications such as dishwashing, floor and wall cleaning, table wiping, equipment cleaning, utensils cleaning and all other hard surface cleaning, therefore eliminates stock of large chemical inventories.

L20 does not contain harmful solvent or harsh chemicals, therefore safe to environment and safe to hands. Recommended for use in F&B outlet, food processing industries, cafeteria, pantry, canteen, hotel and many more.


  • Tough on dirt, yet gentle to hands.
  • Less inventory
  • Leaves no film on cleaned area
  • Environmentally and Ecologically sound – Easy disposal
  • Low usage cost combined with maximized cleaning result